Thursday, March 23, 2006


And quiet flow the blogs....

The blogs have been quiet! Exams, reports, absence of CASW sessions.... end of term fatigue... the leavetaking of colleagues...

I have just been saying goodbye to so many people - Viji, Michelle, Nandini and of course Sudhakar. Viji- who had an answer to every problem, Michelle- whose shoulders were always there for me to cry on, Nandini- with whom I could jabber away in pucca Fort Kochi Malayalam or go for long walks , Sudhakar- who was the first person to wish me every single morning....

Then of course there's been the rush to compile review material, conduct extra sessions for review.... exhausting! exhilarating at times!Maddening, frustrating! (I could go on-but shall desist.)

So, looking forward to a period of peace and quiet-where there's no constant chatter or calls "Miss Raji! how do I get this answer!" "! I need more review in this!" (Of coourse, I'll miss them in a few days time! but no harm wishing them at Jericho right at the moment.Right?


Yes, Raji, it is that time of year-and it does not help that it is very hot! It is great to let off steam on a blog. I am currently wishing I had the ability to say NO to every second request in my life. I have so many things on my plate I could bury myself under it all and you wouldn't even see a bump on the ground!

However, let me share a joy. I am doing the pranayama that comes on the Astha channel on TV expertly collated by Swami Ramdev. I do it for an hour every morning. Other than the fact that it has helped my asthma, and my knees feel much stronger, I also am able to concentrate on one job fully wiothotu worrying about the rest - that is something is it not? Worth trying?
Certainly seems worthy of a trial,Tara. Will get back to you after a few sessions. (Especially want that capability of concentrating on one thing at a time without worrying about the rest. As anyone who knows me can tell -I am a born worrier!)
Well, school's out now and whatever are we going to do with our kids for 10 long weeks ???

I do hope the summer assignment and a let-up in school-related work (after mid-april) will help breathe some life back into these blogs...
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