Sunday, April 30, 2006


Holiday Blues!

Well, the holidays are here and along with the feeling of freedom and happiness comes another thought-will I murder my son before we are through? He's driving me up the wall.......

Added to that is another more relvant thought- Gosh! I have an essay to write! Learning Theories haunt my dreams and my waking hours (That's enough of griping and moaning!) Now, to business:

My experiences with children with (and without) Learning problems has been that they require graded exercises by which they lean a concept. Modelling by the teacher, followed by guided practice followed by independent practice-the guidance (Type and amount being determined by the needs of the student).So, my favourite theorists are Bruner(scaffolding) and Vygotsky (ZPD). And of course there's Gardner- the preferred learning modality of the student determining the teaching style.

Now to write an essay of 2500 words on this......

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